Teachers drug free world training workshop IndonesiaWhat can you possibly say to your students about drug abuse that they haven’t already heard a thousand times?

Leading students onto the path of drug-free living requires teacher training sessions, as were held in Indonesia at Truth About Drugs Educators’ Seminar. 

As an educator you want to help youth stay clear of drugs and you know you need to reach them before the dealers do. While time and resources for effective drug education are sometimes lacking, and the materials used are often outdated, not to mention that they don’t speak factually to kids, we can help.

“I loved the program and how everything was well organised. The lessons were well planned and there were a variety of resources that could be used with each lesson. The booklets were extremely well done!! …They [students] were blown away with the stories that addicts shared in the booklets. It gave them a good picture of the actual consequences of drug use. Some of them were able to open up about their parents’ drug use. I am amazed that there is such a program out there that is FREE and so informative. It’s all there!!!” 

LM, Health Teacher, New York

“I did use the material received and made the students aware of the effects of drugs, even giving them your website for further reference. The program is very effective. In fact after the session two boys asked for further help and were referred to a local agency who works with youths taking drugs. It did affect their knowledge. They became more aware of the side effects.

“Hopefully, more students will try to channel their behaviour and avoid risks. Comments from some of the students were ‘I will never touch drugs!’ ‘I’ll tell my friends about this!’ ‘Experimentation is part of youth, but one can experiment with sports instead.’” 

CA, Teacher, Malta 

“I like that [the drug education program] has both the video component and the booklets. It gave my kids real information and they were surprised what they didn’t know as they read them. My students thought they knew all about drugs, but LSD was new to a lot of them. They thought drugs only had short-term effects unless you got addicted and took a lot. They were surprised to learn that just one use could ruin the rest of your life.” 

CG, Teacher, South Carolina


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